Stress Relief Deep Breathing

Stress Relief Deep Breathing

Stress comes at us from two directions: internal and external.  It can raise havoc with our immune system. Here is a healing tool to easily balance stress.

An easy, yet powerful and quick technique to balance stress is with deep belly breathing.   Slowly, breathe deep into the abdomen, feel it rise and fall.  Do this two or three times.

This deep breathing takes us out of sympathetic overdrive – fight or flight – and places us into parasympathetic which is relaxation.  Yes, a great massage or hot bath or meditation also has this desired effect, but it takes longer and because of that we often don’t do it frequently enough.  Parasympathetic is related to relaxation, creativity and awareness.  Relaxation gives your body the ability to carry out important functions it needs to maintain and restore itself.

Deep breathing is easy, doesn’t take a lot of time and can easily be tucked into the nooks and crannies of your day.  It can also be done anywhere and no one will know you are doing it – except of course the most important person in the world – you.

I suggest that you use various times of your day as a trigger to remind you.  Look at your day and see where you can fit in some deep breaths!

Some suggestions might be;

By relaxing with deep breathing we help our subtle energies to shift more easily into a state of healthy balance and flow.  With this simple process, you will end your day on a note of relaxation, joy and peace.  Remember, you never leave home without this important tool to assist with balancing stress.  Use it –  even better is to use it  frequently!