The Magic of a Nine Letter Word

The word is GRATITUDE – and amazing things happen when you integrate it into your daily life. The dictionary describes gratitude as “A state of being thankful”. When you think thoughts of gratitude, and tap on your Thymus Gland (the supporter of your immune system) you raise the effectiveness of your Immune System. Yes, we […]

Raising Your Vibration and Energetically Clearing Blockages

What does it mean to be an energetic being? How does the energy of being an energetic person affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as we manifest our journey in this physical body on this physical earth? Most of us are aware of our physical body because we see it and feel it.  We […]

Empowering You for Healing

Energy Healing High Vibration My mission is empowering you to have better health, abundance and relationships. Through this blog I will share information with you to empower you in two ways. One is through energy healing tools and techniques, and the other is by connecting to nature through gardening and food. Empowerment is accomplished through […]

Protecting Ourselves From Others Energy

Energetic Protection Empath About 30-40 percent of the population is empathetic and they take on other people’s energy. This can be very disconcerting and can impact your health in a negative way. Some people cannot even go to the mall. When they do they feel very tired and drained by the experience. Some of us […]

5 Challenges to Address Before you Can Lose Weight Permanently

Weight Loss Gain Weight Are you ready to release, set free and find the THIN YOU that is hiding inside you?  Most people address this desire by going on a diet.  The challenge with diets is that they give us a feeling of deprivation and emotionally none of us want to feel deprived.  So after […]

How and Why Emotions Prevent Weight Loss

Weight Loss Gain Weight In my last blog post, I discussed 5 challenges we have to address before we can release weight. One of the challenges is that extra weight protects us and keeps our emotions and fears trapped and hidden. Many people aren’t aware that they take on a lot of emotions from other […]

A Tool to Easily Balance Stress

Stress Relief Deep Breathing Stress comes at us from two directions: internal and external.  It can raise havoc with our immune system. Here is a healing tool to easily balance stress. An easy, yet powerful and quick technique to balance stress is with deep belly breathing.   Slowly, breathe deep into the abdomen, feel it rise […]