Welcome Seekers of a Pain Free Life

Jean is a Reiki Master, skilled in EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Weight Loss, Pain Relief and Clearing, Emotion Codes and Life Coaching.

Are you tired of living with either constant or intermittent pain in your life?

What is this pain costing you?

Are you frustrated about living with a disease, or symptoms that they can’t figure out?

Are you tired of dealing with lack of energy; feeling exhausted and continually weighed down by life?

I am a facilitator and reconnector.

I facilitate your reconnection to you and to your well, healthy, pain free self.

How is this accomplished?

By working with the physical body, and listening to what it is telling us
By working with the emotional body, and releasing trauma that is stored there
By working with the mental body, to release the limiting beliefs which are stored there
By working with the spiritual, and releasing blocks stored there.
By clearing energetic blocks and learning to protect our energies

Are you ready to take the first step to becoming healthy, more vibrant, joyous and peaceful?

Are you willing to do what it takes to release that which no longer serves you?

Are you ready and willing to clear the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck in these  non-healthy patterns?

Are you ready to live a pain free life?

If you answered yes to these questions then I would encourage you to make an appointment for a 30 minute free consultation to discuss your particular situation;

Call my cell at 602-295-1808.

Life is about living joyously and I feel that lifting those emotions allows me to do that.   Thank you Jean!!!  Linda C, Mesa, AZ

“I am a new person! I had 3 Emotion Codes sessions with Jean and the emotions we cleared took such a weight off. I feel terrific, I no longer have hot flashes, night sweats, my energy is UP, my blood test results even changed!”   Marlene A, Mesa, AZ

Are you ready to live a life free of pain? Are you ready to begin your healing journey? then call 602-295-1808 and begin your healing process.