Yes, healing is a contact sport! You come in contact with your inner self – your physical self, your emotional self, your spiritual self and your mental self.
Are you tired of pain management and pain control? Are you ready for Pain Clearing??
When was the last time you lived free of pain?

Clearing pain is my specialty.
I facilitate the discovery and activation of your healing abilities. Do you know what they feel like? Have you ever felt them before? As you begin your healing process you will clear pain, feel lighter, more peaceful, empowered, happy, and joyful. You feel wonderful and relish all that life has to offer!!

How do I work with clients?
The most powerful sessions are one-on-one where the focus is you. Healing requires time and effort on your part. In these sessions we will use energetic healing tools and techniques. I will also teach you some tools to use in between sessions to enhance this healing process. These can also benefit you and your family for years to come to bring peace and balance into your life.
If you are local, my healing space is an ideal place for individual sessions. Using modern technology, I also work with people using the phone and Skype.

Why I offer session packages?
Working with our energy systems to facilitate healing takes time and consistency. When you invest in a package, you invest in yourself, save money, and make a strong commitment to your healing.

If you are  interested and ready to live pain free, improve your health and well-being ~ Contact me today
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