Weight Loss Gain Weight

Weight Loss Gain Weight

In my last blog post, I discussed 5 challenges we have to address before we can release weight.

One of the challenges is that extra weight protects us and keeps our emotions and fears trapped and hidden.

Many people aren’t aware that they take on a lot of emotions from other people. They also tend to store rather than release their own emotions.

Your friend tells you their “story” and you “store” it in your body, along with the story’s emotion.  Someone tells you a “secret” and you “store” it in your body.  What happens in our physical body is that in order to store all this “stuff” we need to accumulate more and more weight.   This extra weight gives us a place in our body to hide it.  Sub-consciously the extra pounds also provide protection for us.  Some of us need to develop better boundaries, so we don’t take on other people’s stuff.  We can still be empathetic and understanding.  We need to learn about boundaries and let others keep their own stuff.

Some questions you might ask to see if this resonates with your situation;

When you are around certain people do you feel emotionally overwhelmed and don’t always know if the emotions belong to you?

Do you turn to food as comfort to calm yourself down?

Do you use food to escape from your feelings?

Do you gain weight without eating extra food during stressful times?

When we take on other people’s emotions, we often have a hard time discriminating if they are theirs or ours.

An excellent question to ask is; “Who does this __________ belong to? It’s time to start letting go of the need to protect ourselves by carrying those extra pounds