Energy Systems Aura Chakra Meridians

What does it mean to be an energetic being?

How does the energy of being an energetic person affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as we manifest our journey in this physical body on this physical earth?

Most of us are aware of our physical body because we see it and feel it.  We work with it every day, when we move and think. A lot of what occurs in our physical body occurs without us thinking, thanks to our autonomic nervous system.  While we are aware of the physical aspect of our body, our subtle energy body is always there also, connecting our body, mind and spirit.  Our energy systems have many important functions in our health and well-being.  Let’s bring the awareness of them to our conscious mind so we learn about them and if needed, heal them.

We have three main energetic systems: the aura, the chakra and the meridians.

I’ll discuss in future blogs what each of these systems do.  For today it is important to understand that we have these energy systems.  Energy Healers access these systems when they do energy healing.

There are many energy healing modalities. Some you may have heard of include; Reiki, EFT, Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Access Consciousness, The Healing Codes and many more.  Some are suitable to be self-administered, while others are facilitated by a practitioner.

For now it is important to understand what is accomplished in “energy healing work”.  The fundamental purpose of energy healing, regardless of the technique, is to raise your vibration.  You as a vibrational being are always receiving and giving out a vibrational signal.

Now, the important question becomes, are you giving out low vibrations or high vibrations?  A low vibration is the vibration of disease, pain, negative thinking, feeling sorry for self, fear, shame, judgment, being stuck and blaming others for what is happening in your life.  A high vibration gives out vibes of joy, peace happiness, acceptance, creativity, healing and love.

Energy healing techniques and tools clear blockages in the energy fields, which can keep us stuck and in low vibration.  When dense energy is cleared or moved, your vibration raises and you feel better.  You raised your vibration – the beginning of the healing process.

Remember, you are an energetic being of love and light in a physical body.