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Jean Buckborough

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Energy Healing High Vibration

My mission is empowering you to have better health, abundance, and relationships.

Through this blog, I will share information with you to empower you in two ways. One is through energy healing tools and techniques, and the other is by connecting to nature through gardening and food.

Empowerment is accomplished through the Energy Healing Tools that I use and teach. Yes, we are energetic beings in this physical body. When our energy vibrates at low levels we take on more low-level issues such as dis-ease, lack, low-frequency emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, and challenging relationships. When our energy vibrates at a high frequency, we attract high vibrational frequencies such as health, abundance, prosperity, peace, joy, happiness, and love. Many refer to this as the Law of Attraction.

There are many Energy Healing tools and practices available for us to use. The ones I will share with you are ones that I personally use and teach to my clients.

Life is a journey. There are lots of ups and downs along the way. Let’s learn how to blast through the downs so we can move toward, and spend our time enjoying and thriving in the highs!

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