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The word is GRATITUDE – and amazing things happen when you integrate it into your daily life.

The dictionary describes gratitude as “A state of being thankful”.

When you think thoughts of gratitude, and tap on your Thymus Gland (the supporter of your immune system) you raise the effectiveness of your Immune System. Yes, we can all use a better functioning immune System.

Your Thymus Gland sits under your breastbone, so it is easy to tap. In addition to tapping the thymus gland, the thymus also responds to love and gratitude. That is why doing these two simultaneously is so powerful.

Our Heart Chakra also resides in the area of the thymus gland in in our physical body. Take a few minutes to breathe in deeply and imagine your heart filling up with gratitude. On the exhale, send out all thoughts interfering with gratitude. Sometimes it is helpful to think of a special person or place in your life.

Remember that whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on gratitude, you will get more of that in return.

Give GRATITUDE an important place in your daily life and watch as the magic happens!

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