Welcome to Seekers of Health and Pain Free Living

Connect to Your Inner Healing

Healing begins with listening. Your pain and/or your symptoms are your body’s communication system. The body is attempting to tell you something. We will identify what it is tell you by accessing your subconscious using a technique called muscle testing or kinesiology. Your body, mind and spirit know everything. This allows us to hear the body’s message and identify the imbalances or stressors that are contributing to the specific issue. Once the stressors are identified they are ready to be cleared.

Stuck, distorted and imbalanced energies (stress) over time lead to pain, disease and weight gain. And yes, the AMA tells us that 80 – 90% of all disease is caused by stress. These imbalances are not only external, but they are also internal and they create challenges in the area of our physical body, relationships and wealth.

The healing tools I work with will clear pain, bring balance and energize your body. They reduce the resistance in your body, and clear the blockages, so the energy once again flows through with ease.

In addition to the clearing tools I use, I will also suggest tools you can use to energize your own body’s flow of energy.