The Magic of a Nine Letter Word

Believing is Being Grateful

Heart Chakra Immune SystemThe word is GRATITUDE – and amazing things happen when you integrate it into your daily life.

The dictionary describes gratitude as “A state of being thankful”.

When you think thoughts of gratitude, and tap on your Thymus Gland (the supporter of your immune system) you raise the effectiveness of your Immune System. Yes, we can all use a better functioning immune System.

Your Thymus Gland sits under your breastbone, so it is easy to tap. In addition to tapping the thymus gland, the thymus also responds to love and gratitude. That is why doing these two simultaneously is so powerful.

Our Heart Chakra also resides in the area of the thymus gland in in our physical body. Take a few minutes to breathe in deeply and imagine your heart filling up with gratitude. On the exhale, send out all thoughts interfering with gratitude. Sometimes it is helpful to think of a special person or place in your life.

Remember that whatever you focus on expands. When you focus on gratitude, you will get more of that in return.

Give GRATITUDE an important place in your daily life and watch as the magic happens!

Raising Your Vibration and Energetically Clearing Blockages

Energy Systems Aura Chakra Meridians

What does it mean to be an energetic being?

How does the energy of being an energetic person affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as we manifest our journey in this physical body on this physical earth?

Most of us are aware of our physical body because we see it and feel it.  We work with it every day, when we move and think. A lot of what occurs in our physical body occurs without us thinking, thanks to our autonomic nervous system.  While we are aware of the physical aspect of our body, our subtle energy body is always there also, connecting our body, mind and spirit.  Our energy systems have many important functions in our health and well-being.  Let’s bring the awareness of them to our conscious mind so we learn about them and if needed, heal them.

We have three main energetic systems: the aura, the chakra and the meridians.

I’ll discuss in future blogs what each of these systems do.  For today it is important to understand that we have these energy systems.  Energy Healers access these systems when they do energy healing.

There are many energy healing modalities. Some you may have heard of include; Reiki, EFT, Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Access Consciousness, The Healing Codes and many more.  Some are suitable to be self-administered, while others are facilitated by a practitioner.

For now it is important to understand what is accomplished in “energy healing work”.  The fundamental purpose of energy healing, regardless of the technique, is to raise your vibration.  You as a vibrational being are always receiving and giving out a vibrational signal.

Now, the important question becomes, are you giving out low vibrations or high vibrations?  A low vibration is the vibration of disease, pain, negative thinking, feeling sorry for self, fear, shame, judgment, being stuck and blaming others for what is happening in your life.  A high vibration gives out vibes of joy, peace happiness, acceptance, creativity, healing and love.

Energy healing techniques and tools clear blockages in the energy fields, which can keep us stuck and in low vibration.  When dense energy is cleared or moved, your vibration raises and you feel better.  You raised your vibration – the beginning of the healing process.

Remember, you are an energetic being of love and light in a physical body.

Empowering You for Healing

Energy Healing High Vibration

Energy Healing High VibrationMy mission is empowering you to have better health, abundance and relationships.

Through this blog I will share information with you to empower you in two ways. One is through energy healing tools and techniques, and the other is by connecting to nature through gardening and food.

Empowerment is accomplished through the Energy Healing Tools that I use and teach. Yes, we are an energetic being in this physical body. When our energy vibrates at low levels we take on more low level issues such as dis-ease, lack, low frequency emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, and challenging relationships. When our energy vibrates at a high frequency, we attract high vibrational frequencies such as health, abundance, prosperity, peace, joy, happiness and love. Many refer to this as the Law of Attraction.

There are many Energy Healing tools and practices available for us to use. The ones I will share with you are ones that I personally use and teach to my clients.

Life is a journey. There are lots of ups and downs along the way. Let’s learn how to blast through the downs so we can move toward, and spend our time enjoying and thriving in the highs!

Protecting Ourselves From Others Energy

Energetic Protection Empath

Energetic Protection EmpathAbout 30-40 percent of the population is empathetic and they take on other people’s energy. This can be very disconcerting and can impact your health in a negative way. Some people cannot even go to the mall. When they do they feel very tired and drained by the experience. Some of us live or work with negative people.

If this is you, learning to put up boundaries and a shield around your energy and physical body will prevent this from happening. It is important for our health and well-being that we learn to protect ourselves from the energy of others.

Here are some simple ways you can protect yourself from other people’s energies.

1. Close your aura, the energy field around you. With your intent, bring in all your energies close to your physical body, and then intend that you are closed to all negative thoughts, emotions and words.

2. Imagine an impenetrable bubble or shield being placed around you. Make sure it is closed at the top of the head and under your feet. Again make it impenetrable with your intention to other’s energies.

3. The ZIP UP. Bring your hand in front of your legs, and then bring it up to your lower lip and turn it like a key in a lock. Do this 3 times. This is zipping up your Central Meridian to protect you from negative energies.

In my next blog post I will share with you some ways to rid yourself of negative energies that you have taken on in the past.

5 Challenges to Address Before you Can Lose Weight Permanently

Weight Loss Gain Weight

Weight Loss Gain Weight

Are you ready to release, set free and find the THIN YOU that is hiding inside you?  Most people address this desire by going on a diet.  The challenge with diets is that they give us a feeling of deprivation and emotionally none of us want to feel deprived.  So after a few weeks we sabotage the whole idea of restricting our food intake.  Then we add another “failure” of our long list diet experiences.  It is a vicious cycle.

Statistics from the National Institute of Health, tell us that 95%-98% of all people on diets will fail to lose  weight and keep it off.  It also tells us that with weight loss, 60% is in the mind, 30% is in the diet, and 10% in exercise.  When you look at those statistics it would seem that much of where we spend our ideal weight desire energy is in the wrong place.

This is why I developed classes and do private coaching to address these most powerful challenges of weight release – the mind.  Are you ready to address once and for all your personal weight challenges? I share 5 of them with you below.

Here are 5 of the challenges that we address;

  1.  Extra weight protects us and keeps our emotions and fears trapped and hidden.  The more emotions we hide, the more weight we need to continue to hide and protect them.
  2.  How stress precipitates weight gain.  There are two kinds of stress; internal and external.  We look at both kinds and how they affect our life.
  3.  How unloving thoughts about our body keep us stuck with extra pounds.   Have you ever said “I hate my fat thighs”  “I hate being fat”.
  4.  How you were programmed by your family to carry extra weight.  “It runs in our family to be heavy”.
  5.  Your subconscious mind is not in alignment with losing weight.  Remember that your subconscious is more powerful than your conscious mind and its mission is to “keep you safe”.  If losing weight doesn’t feel safe, your subconscious mind will sabotage all your weight loss efforts.  Let’s make our subconscious feel safe!

Working with the body’s energy systems is a great way to address and then negate the challenges of the emotions, and subconscious thinking to accomplish permanent weight release. In my CLASS we address these and others.

How and Why Emotions Prevent Weight Loss

Weight Loss Gain Weight

Weight Loss Gain Weight

In my last blog post, I discussed 5 challenges we have to address before we can release weight.

One of the challenges is that extra weight protects us and keeps our emotions and fears trapped and hidden.

Many people aren’t aware that they take on a lot of emotions from other people. They also tend to store rather than release their own emotions.

Your friend tells you their “story” and you “store” it in your body, along with the story’s emotion.  Someone tells you a “secret” and you “store” it in your body.  What happens in our physical body is that in order to store all this “stuff” we need to accumulate more and more weight.   This extra weight gives us a place in our body to hide it.  Sub-consciously the extra pounds also provide protection for us.  Some of us need to develop better boundaries, so we don’t take on other people’s stuff.  We can still be empathetic and understanding.  We need to learn about boundaries and let others keep their own stuff.

Some questions you might ask to see if this resonates with your situation;

When you are around certain people do you feel emotionally overwhelmed and don’t always know if the emotions belong to you?

Do you turn to food as comfort to calm yourself down?

Do you use food to escape from your feelings?

Do you gain weight without eating extra food during stressful times?

When we take on other people’s emotions, we often have a hard time discriminating if they are theirs or ours.

An excellent question to ask is; “Who does this __________ belong to? It’s time to start letting go of the need to protect ourselves by carrying those extra pounds

A Tool to Easily Balance Stress

Stress Relief Deep Breathing

Stress Relief Deep Breathing

Stress comes at us from two directions: internal and external.  It can raise havoc with our immune system. Here is a healing tool to easily balance stress.

An easy, yet powerful and quick technique to balance stress is with deep belly breathing.   Slowly, breathe deep into the abdomen, feel it rise and fall.  Do this two or three times.

This deep breathing takes us out of sympathetic overdrive – fight or flight – and places us into parasympathetic which is relaxation.  Yes, a great massage or hot bath or meditation also has this desired effect, but it takes longer and because of that we often don’t do it frequently enough.  Parasympathetic is related to relaxation, creativity and awareness.  Relaxation gives your body the ability to carry out important functions it needs to maintain and restore itself.

Deep breathing is easy, doesn’t take a lot of time and can easily be tucked into the nooks and crannies of your day.  It can also be done anywhere and no one will know you are doing it – except of course the most important person in the world – you.

I suggest that you use various times of your day as a trigger to remind you.  Look at your day and see where you can fit in some deep breaths!

Some suggestions might be;

  • Waiting for the hot water to arrive in the bathroom, so you can wash your face or take a shower
  • Waiting for the water to heat up to make a cup of tea
  • Waiting in the checkout line at the store
  • Waiting for the red traffic light to turn green
  • Waiting for your computer to process a program
  • Waiting for the commercial to end
  • Waiting in the Dr’s office

By relaxing with deep breathing we help our subtle energies to shift more easily into a state of healthy balance and flow.  With this simple process, you will end your day on a note of relaxation, joy and peace.  Remember, you never leave home without this important tool to assist with balancing stress.  Use it –  even better is to use it  frequently!