New Vision Healing

Review from My clients

“Can’t say enough about the “Energy Healing” and “EFT” classes. Totally uplifting and enlightenment of the senses. I felt a total sense of well being and will continue to work with the exercises. Not only were we able to do the exercises but were taught to do them and given the information to continue with them on our own. These classes are a must for anyone that wants to improve their life. Thanks Jean.”

-Beverly Wagner Smith

“Jean Buckborough’s EFT series focusing on releasing stored/stuck body fat enabled me to address the habits and behaviors that cause me to gain weight, as well as the emotional issues that have prevented me from losing weight.  Jean’s empathy and understanding provide a comfortable and safe environment in which to delve into the complex personal issues associated with weight gain.  The tools and methods I gained through Jean’s EFT sessions have empowered me to lead a healthier lifestyle, with a positive focus on weight loss and maintenance.”

-Alicia S.

“I am a new person! I had 3 Emotion Codes sessions with Jean and the emotions we cleared took such a weight off. I feel terrific, I no longer have hot flashes, night sweats, my energy is UP, my blood test results even changed! I am looking forward to doing more to get rid of EVERY last stuck emotion I have. Thank you Jean!”

-M. Allen

“I experienced several sessions of the Emotion Code therapy with Jean both in person and over the phone. I felt a lot of emotional releasing several days after each session. Since experiencing the therapy I feel much lighter and happier. Life is about living joyously and I feel that lifting those emotions allows me to do that. Thank you Jean!!!”

-Linda C, Mesa, AZ

“Jean led me through the emotion code technique for a variety of issues. Among other things, the pain in my shoulder lessened significantly, and I became aware of past situations I had not yet completely released, and with subsequent work on my own the pain went away completely. Jean makes it so easy to release the stuck emotions, and has helped me tremendously. She is very thorough and addresses everything that comes up with ease and professionalism.”

-Deborah J., Apache Junction, AZ

“I have suffered from irregular heartbeat since I was a child, after my session with Jean on the heart-wall I feel like I have a different heart in my chest, I am extremely happy and looking forward to learning The Emotion Code. Thank you Jean”

-Cheryl RN Holistic

Begin your Healing Journey

Working with our energy systems to facilitate healing takes time and consistency. Each session with New Vision Healing will get to the heart of the healing as quickly and efficiently as possible. And Jean will empower you to take healing into your own hands.

HeALING with...

Emotion Code/Body Code

What about the traumas we've experienced in our lives? They get trapped and stuck in our bodies also. We will address and clear those energies.

The Emotion Code / Body Code is a powerful method of finding and releasing these "trapped emotions" and traumas.

Healing with...


"Universal life force energy” that is channeled through the Reiki practitioner’s hands in a gentle way, balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.   As universal energy, Reiki seems to have an intrinsic consciousness that is able to provide exactly what is needed on all levels.

healing with...


Emotional Freedom Techniques (sometimes called Tapping)  is a simple self-administered tapping procedure, on specific body meridians which is done alone or under the supervision of a practitioner to relieve negative emotional patterns. Negative emotions, trauma, anxiety, stress, worries, and fear all result in a disruption in the body’s energy system which eventually causes disease or pain.  

Healing with...

Tuning Forks

Our human bodies are not solid but vibrational. Each part of our body has its own vibrational frequency. Life’s stressors can cause different parts of our being to lose their coherent frequency. This is referred to as dis-ease. Tuning forks can raise the vibrational frequency which stimulates the body to heal itself.